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tha REVolUtion is green and brown (for now)

Yip the revolution will only be massed produced for public consumption once it becomes economically viable. The real revolution begins in our own backyards…

Mine began quite optimistically with heirloom seeds sprouting only to be experienced by an inquisitive yearling.

more than just a book...

Did all the research, would of been planted at the perfect time according to the season and the moon – making it biodynamic (i wish) aswell. lesson1 sprouted my first seeds (check)

So back again after a well researched plan B. lets go for an early winter planting – skip seeds plant seedlings. Only to find my local organic nursery is out of both out of carrots and beans! So i chose swiss chard spinach and habanero peppers as well as marigolds (mixed) for pest-aside.

proposed positioning of said plants below:

wanted to add more but the (last-time-i-checked) stationary wasp has since disappeared, and am now fearing for my life…

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frEeDOM neXt tIMe !

Had a luvly day, but the moment that catches is it. I have caught one frame, but wot a worthy frame.
Does freedom feel like this?
“You might think you know MY hypothetical physical limits, but those are based on adults like you”
” I’m going to make a break for that lake – for that’s where I wanna B”

You might catch me now, and be surprised…but one day I’ll be the one surprised…

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Does this answer your ??

I work with alot of interesting people, of varying ages. So what one finds funny is not always shared by the rest. Anyways there’s this msg book that acts as the link between work shifts and is shared by 19 to over-fourties. Every now and then there’s this random messages, and i thought I’d share it.

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