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tech will neva beat above the neck

No matter how adv our tech becomes by us as a species, u will never fully the experience the beauty of the light from the ember nor the feeling one exp from looking SO into the fire.
Our best “inventions” are pale imitations to that which already exists in nature.

I feel the best trick man can do is guide and take adv of what nature has to offer while staying in the boundaries of what is acceptable.
I blame the religious and non-religious.

If the religious “believed” they would know that everything exists for them to use. If the instructions we were taught were not exactly clear, we should all watch and learn of which was created by perfection in perfection.

For those that need strict observation and theorising based on proper Science (a celebration of his bday evry 25th by unkown celebrators). One would of expected them to hav realised long ago to work with not against. – I don’t see any ppl living at Chernobyl.

I digress, u might say hey maybe that’s a shitty spec camera on ur ph. True, but once this was the height of tech, once.