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Perfect weathers to do some gardening/landscaping…

Yip, that wasn’t a typo.
Even though the weather was ominous, I needed to replant the dwarf sunflowers as 4 in a pot was much too crowded.
Had a nice idea, planned out perfectly, just needed the time. So today I thought “hey, now time like the pleasant” and was on my way…had to go back to put on a sweater (as PJ’s can only do so much), then back to put on some boots – now you know it’s about to get serious…

Ten minutes in and the sun starts beaming down, take off my sweater and the next minute I feel a drop…nearly done overturning the grass, 5 more seconds…the next drop felt abit hard and then Boom! (well it was a coupla mini-booms!) as hail starts beating me into surrendering.

I retreat and reminisce about the last time I remember hail…got to about where I stayed and then it stopped, so I continued…on to phase two and then rain!
Had I believed in signs I guess I would of stopped, well I do because that hexagon one saved my life at least once, but i believe in challenges so… I continued persevered, (it sounds cooler)

Turned out I couldn’t separate the sunflowers (yet to be named) as their roots were intertwined.
So guess next week I will have to get more. hopefully the nursery still has, they are the only ones…

If this app works proper, I can post a pic of the end result. Just need to populate it abit more.
Will be considering names for the dwarf sunflowers (4), for now they are called ‘team Gordo-name subject to change’…
If you can get that connection, 50 points for you…


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New toy new promise

Hi guys

So this is my 1st post from my new toy using the WordPress app.
I wrote my previous few posts with the app from my phone, but it was abit of a challenge.
Hopefully it will be much easier now…

I’m still working out the features so this is a short, sort of an update post announcing more to follow…
One thing though, I’m way behind in my documenting my gardening escapades.
Hopefully after some prep work, will be going “public”
Need to first plan accordingly…

Hopefully I can spread some sm:)es and open up some minds and eyes.
Next post reveal some of my inspiration.
And planning