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ambitious garden exspansion phased

My current garden setup for veggies; referred to as experimental garden V1.2. Is nearing its life cycle, with about 2 more months of summer left. I have now designed what I think is prolly the best read easiest design with minimum effort.
But like all designs that are minimalist in there (comparable) effort, the hard work is in the design and setup.

I’m struggling to find the correct arrangement of plants for
a) companion vegs / flowers – within the keyhole garden
b) border plants – for keeping the grass at bay, at base of keyhole garden
c) self-seeding flowers for hard to reach area
d) “show off” flowers – to look nice and for my mom to select and (hopefully) take care of.

my knowledge is rather limited but the interweb and permi doccies have atleast given basics that further experimentation can take place, hence my first garden was based on partly the knowledge i have gained, and partly due to the application of resources available.

the new design requires alot more financial and effort involved, so i am currently breaking up the project into more manageable peices. so giving me time to manage individual parts which will eventually encompass the whole.

in order to lay the foundation for the keyhole gardens a and b, i need to move my daughters swing – which requires taking down the makeshift washing line, and then setting up a new arrangement.

the branches and leaves that would make up the bases would free up the space so that my rabbit cage can be built (the design Im still fine-tuning)

wormbeds built and started whilst keyhole beds being built up as close to 50cm as possible

border plants can be planted around the keyholes

and the flower beds prepared and maybe planted

keyholes can then be completed; topsoil and compost

cover crop grown on open soil

hardscaping done – paths and stepping stones placed

flowers selected and planted

eventual planting of veggies – the ultimate goal!

to be continued – im tired and sleepy

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if i am going to Japan, i might as well go when the sakuras are in full bloom

more and more ive bin trying to get my life more organised.
once i had a plan, but that had to change due to circumstances beyond my control. i chalked it up to bad luck, maybe the universe telling me it was not the way…

so i treaded a different path, one with no real signposts.
maybe i get lost now and then, but if you dont know where you going…any road will take you there…

since then, well more recently i have rediscovered some of my goals – and i am currently working towards them. being more knowledgable i found that the main difficulty is financing that dream.
or rather, it was one multiple that is vieing for my time and money. money being the key factor, one of the resources that is currently sufficient atm, but more is needed to achieve the more grander goals – ideals that think would help more than just me, hopefully i touch along the way.

so the best way to plan towards them, is to organise my life better.

enter curveballs, 1, 2, and three…

i strike out more times than not, but each time im learning.
i guess its best to wait and look around for the most opportune time. im gathering my resources; material and knowledge base – and that leads me to more finely tune the plan.

i need to start…

so i have begun writing my thoughts, dnt let small anoyances knock me of my path.
rather take a moment and find solutions, they often turn out to be very basic – all that requires is a shift in thought processes.

currently the only thing i really need now is a phone with a very good camera, so that i can better document and have fun with my experiments, and life. not a neccesity, but it would greatly enhance the latter. a camera seems abit obtrusive and too much effort is needed to transfer and attach it to my thoughts, but im gonna try.

i have always bin abit of a problem solver, seeking alternative means and perhaps coming into money has made me more dependant on it.
although having abit more would happily speed things along…

i have discovered that even having the means has not sped up my plans drastically, overall i tend to think long and deep about my next few steps…which reminds me to properly learn the game of chess.

people have always assumed that my lacking material gain, meant i was lazy or lacking drive…
rather it was not what i deemed important, later on in life i could put it in words. i do not seek the eternal pursuit of happiness, rather being content was my aim.

dont get me wrong laziness is a quality of mine, one that i deemed positive – for it forces my actions to be effective in multiple areas, and my results are one of personal acceptance.
i have many plans and the bumps in the road causes me to change my driving style…

but i assure you, i am the one driving, it s just that now, i believe i should also be the navigator. if all roads lead to Rome, then surely the one i create with all its detours and turn-arounds, not very popular but probably the most fulfilling to me.

so now i am noting the sights i want to see, and the ones i have to come back later for.
if i am going to Japan, i might as well go when the sakuras are in full bloom

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Resolutions and Planning

I’ve bin toying with the idea for months now, not actually toying…more like brewing at the back of my mind.
What better time than at the beginning of the year?

So, within this month, I’ve got to get my financial filing sorted. My digital filing of docs, movies and music.
Focus more on my health and that of my household
And get more organized in my thoughts and behavior…quite an undertaking, but one I’ve bin preparing for.

I’ve prolly written so many blogs in my head and opening this app, I see 3 attempts that prolly won’t get published at all.

I plan to have one outing per month that challenges or contrast our current lives.
Blog at least once a week ( not actually publish every week one) and hopefully get them creative juices flowing.
I’ve not created a filing system digitally, that I will now stick to. And in the process of creating a hipster PDA – sounds fancy but is the easiest of organizational tools.

My household project, besides the garden which is having mixed results, will be my first point of contact upstairs. More on that on my next post.

Kinda boring first post but in contrast this will be one eventfully year until either the dollar and euro collapses or the end of the Mayan calendar shift happens, cos then I plan on seeing many events that would hopefully help humanity grow in their humanism…