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Day 8: sometimes your plans just get trampled

Today I came home and saw that a security light had bin installed, but he struggled to get wore through a tube we installed under the driveway paving. Only problem is that the one end is in the roses area…

But let’s rewind back a coupla years…

When we built a second story, the builders dumped the excess white sand on the roses area – not very healthy. The roses never really recovered, but didn’t die yet…
Both my parents love roses, these ones aren’t that great – however these are from my belated grandfathers house. So I guess it’s a keepsake for both my mom and gran when she stays over.
After my father passed, I took on the role of garden maintenance. My previous job being advisor and then manual laborer…
My plan to rehabilitate the land around the roses was; add in compost to better the soil and interplant groundcovers followed by mulching the exposed land. Following advice from a French gardener Emelia herzap (something like that) I instructed everyone to not walk on the ground of that area. I went as far as abit o landscaping laying out a path and attempting a swale.
I was quite religious in the no-compacting the soil doctrine, until the last 2 weeks…

A worker waiting on my mom thought he couldn’t be idle and started tidying the garden, tilling the soil around the roses upturning some groundcovers. The whole point of not compacting the soil is to give the organisms a chance to multiply and build up the soil from the “ground up” – tilling destroys all that ( non hardwork ) work.
So today after the whole tilling fiasco, followed by the painting of the house ( where trod ding could not be avoided ) and now the electrician trampling the whole one side – side closest to the front door ( in the pic closest to the bottom) I’m now abit upset, not much ce la vie et al ( that )…

I’m prolly more upset that this is prolly a parable of how what looks like nothing much is actually the in between phase of a before and after. Lots of planning and replanning after considering current limited resources, that was prolly the best albeit most patient thing I can do…so now I’m hoping atleast the one groundcover will survive as the other was just about to but it’s def a goner…

Either way, you have to breath out when hit or the more common slogan; roll with the punches…
You can’t really blame them as the flip side is that had they known they would prolly caused less damage ( by atleast not walking on the damned plant! ) but damage none the same, maybe I was over zealous in my no compaction commandment.

One the reasons why I’m so fascinated by nature and mans manipulation there of is in the sheer dynamic ism of nature and it’s ability to cope is as miraculous as the human body’s ability to cope and adapt to the abuse we inflict upon ourselves be it physical or psychological.

Sometimes your plans just get trampled, why bother taking foot imprints, either build a fence structure or adapt the plans to the flow of the foot traffic…I’m always gonna take the easiest but more effective and efficient plan of attack.
The surface may look calm, but the underground is already on fire!!


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Day 7: too tired

I’m totally exhausted, yet still manage to go to bed at 11:35. So gonna need to take a nap in the office later…anyway

Need to overturn the grass so I can move the soil in the pond to the back yard.
But now I’m damning my gardening skills…
The backyard I prolly gave most attention to with the least amount of effort.
The grass has become a literal carpet required me to buy a new special gardening shovel/spade to attack and separate the grass… And man o man doesn’t the soil beneath it look sweet!

Still need to chop up the banana esque leaves to put on top as well as the rabbit manure and tree trunk chunks.

It will prolly look a mess now and for quite some time, but after listening to my ultimate goal – one can’t help but get excited and abit skeptical. An IT guy using the gadgets and the www for farming?! Sustaina-what?

Gotta go, just saw the police are parked outside…


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Day 6: fire through the window and one of my rare moments

I guess the real reason I love flea markets is not about the bargains…maybe a little. But it’s not the bargain of ” oh yeah saved fifty bucks! “. It’s more like someone didn’t know that I was willing to pay double it’s initial value, but now they selling it just to get rid of it.

Story of my life I guess, imagine finding something you really wanted but gave up on getting as living at the tip of Africa and not running in those circles, chances are closer to keep dreaming…but you forget, and as you see the item all those memories and feelings come rushing back and you are willing to scrape together all you have just to get it. So while you trying to figure out you have, check the price and realize that even ye broke ass can purchase a little part of your past and happiness that only nostalgia + time can enhance….

…and there is no-one that you can fully enjoy that moment with you…so being the geek that I am reveal abit of my joy unphased by the ridicule/judgement…eventually I will lose it…either loaned to a friend or broken by others’ “it was just a cheap trinket anyway” actions. I forgive you – life happens and for a moment that was a physical manifestation of a moment hardcoded to my memory, which will eventually faded…

Or the flip side.

Found a triphop cd of tricky but looked further and in the R19 ( dump bin ) found the ‘fire through the window’ album! I knew my other half would super stoked in me finding that album.

You see a coupla years ago ( gosh, time does fly ) we went to zula lounge to support our friends playing in one their open mic nights. Their music was not really my cuppa tea, but I’ve bin going to their gigs since their punk days when it was hella fun – starting mosh pits even when their was just 5 supa amped people! Anyways, on that particular night their band was playing with…fire throu the window a Durban band that no one heard of yet…
And they rocked! There’s nothing like a girl and a guy singing love songs ( that they wrote ) to each other, it was quite infectious Ina pop-indie folk kinda way.

And here I stood with their album for 19 bux, paid immediately and ran to myslegten making her promise to only open the packet when we get home – I dnt have a cd player in the car.


Needless to say I was the romantic hero once again, one of my rare moments…

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Day 5.5: oh the irony of it all!!


Found these ( I think indigenous ) plant at a Great deal. Got it at a third of the price of one, but each pot contained 3 or 4 of these plants ( insert cool scoring baby meme ).
We have a similar plant but has a different flower. Took awhile for it to flower but when it did – it was well worth it. I need to transfer the pics I took from the camera…

The pics I post are all shopped, not only cos I really like the lofi lomo effects but also to hide the crappy camera of the pad. Guess I’m too lazy to transfer pics from the camera, but I really do prefer the point and shoot of lomography, pity I can’t afford it here, it doesn’t help that the scene is not big at all – in fact I know of one other person that has one & I dnt even see her often..

My only recourse is to get a phone with a decent camera and rely on
technology to fulfill my analogue desire – oh the irony of it all!!

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Day 4.5: pond phase 2 – wetland construction


This is the walls for the container wetland I wanna build for the pond, mainly as a biological and physical filter…but like permaculture, serves multiple purposes.

More on that later

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Day 3: flutterby sounds to me better than butterfly…


I found this flutterby lying in the driveway and thought it would be best to reposition it…
Maybe someone will find it and appreciate a close up. Or most prolly the wind will send it on his way…

In the last coupla months life has taken a drastic turn, and I’ve to my best ability course-corrected. Yesterday I found out that there’s more on its way.
I guess I will never be prepared for anything, but my strength is in my ability to adapt.

Actually the one thing I am preparing for is in the drastic increase in food! And no one believes me when I talk about the health concerns of what we put in our bodies, as if the last 100 years invalidates the thousands of years humans more natural consumption and interaction within nature.
Yip the more you know me, the more you see parts of you in me that is that geeky part of you that is kept hidden in a shoe box yet is acknowledged from time to time…

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Day 2: maybe not all lost in the ether…


I know that I’m not easily to love, I’ve always known that I’m someone that you can easily take a shine to – but at anytime get frustrated/irritated by.

I’m prolly most aware of my fault. but my biggest fault is not expecting too much from others, rather encouraging small habits that will greatly enhance their life – and the frustration when I realize they don’t really listen and blatantly lie about it, coupled with them complaining over something that I’ve bin giving them the solution for awhile…

The hardest truth that I’ve learnt ( and from an early age ) is that people hardly listen to each other, rather take turns speaking at each other…what I’ve always resisted was the acceptance that what I’ve said is lost in the ether.

With Ruby, I try to and will continue to expose her to varied stimulus. She might not latch on to many, but just letting her know that their is options. We might not be in a position to take them, but when the opportunity arises – that we atleast recognize it…

So the picture above is my girl playing with water that is dripping from a watered plant down to another plant. Hopefully she would one day see permaculture principles in daily living. Act with thought and purpose making your moves with greatest efficiency possible in that moment in time.
Knowing that in hindsight there might have bin better moves, and doing them from now on.

I love to see her doing her own thing even if it’s contrary to my wishes. To be in that moment. Mi guess its me that should try to understand her more…and maybe begin to understand others’ behavior. I am after all more of a watcher and listener. I find human nature fascinating, often times circumstances have jaded my thought processes, but once I am aware of it having happened I can counter-balance it.

Which is why it’s so hard for me to blog/write, but this 365 day project is pushing me to do it.
Maybe I’ll get that spark back and get into writing again.
Maybe next year start the 365 ramblin’ project…if only I can start with the word “aniquity”

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Day 1.5: musings of a work in progress

Growing up I always thought of the coolest things one could at home…
I always wondered why parents never thought it up as well. There we those who built tree houses and the few ( I guess “hippie”/strange ones ) who did things kinda how I wanted it to be.
I am now older and maybe wiser, definitely more worldly in my knowledge and I hope I can be more the parent I always wanted to be than what parents should be…

Ruby’s room was originally gonna be my study till she came along, so the she ended up with a multicolored room – one side the background to Mario bros! – which I’ve since decided to change to studio ghibli characters, a (green) blackboard and a magnetic blackboard.
Now that she’s able to write – well hold a writing instrument reasonably well, the creative fun can begin…

I may not be the best dad, and I might not be the best I can be can’t help but be who I am and always wanted to be, as a father and as a work-in-progress.

We all come with baggage and promises, hopefully I can teach her to pack light…