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Like titanic my content sunk

This is in commemoration of the Titanic


So now my pic finally uploads and erases my entry besides the first line…

Wil write more tomorrow, buddy invited me to a game.
And you know my rule…
Rather live life than document it…

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Draw some! Over level 9000

4 days ago I came across draw something app spoken about in a forum. Installed it and that same day a friend also installed it and we started playing.
Today we reach turn 99 thrice! Only because that’s the highest number. The creators obviously didn’t plan on us reaching 3 digit turns…

I actually got it cos it looks like fun and thought my wife would really like it. I kinda took over banning her from playing mine and Leilz game. Now that we’ve reached the upper limit, think I will give her more play time.

I really like apps that unleash creativity, I hope my wife n kid will growup loving and preferring these type of activity than brain numbing life spectatorship that is the BS of reality tv – that is so fake and so blazenly staged that I would prefer to watch the wrestling. No theres no airs about that show.

I love to hear about the latest development in WWE from grown-ass men that start off telling me that they know it’s fake but…with the greatest enthusiasm that I can see them as they were 10 years old…and that beats funkn jersey whore any day of the year, in fact I’ve seen pix of ten year olds emulating them and i find it deeply disturbing – I would rather have my daughter trying those stunts at home ( and have an excuse for such brain-damaged behavior ).

Like the rudimentals song : noh TV! What makes you ashamed of being African? Is it cos of the images on TV?


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Dancing the funky chicken…soon

Ok I’m over losing my last post…

Here’s an update on my keyhole garden


It’s bin going abit slow lately, found out that after the layer of palm leaves. The Gardner dumped branches of a thorny tree we have in front on top of the pile!
Luckily I had gloves and managed to get thru a few, but the thorns ( some 2cm big ) kept slowing my progress and eventually I had enough.
All I actually want is to get to my tree trunk chunks underneath, but that is a two man job whitch I cannot undertake solo. So that’s on hold ATM…

My uncles popped in and wanted me to find out the cost for and delivery of compost from and organic nursery that I buy from. Phoned them today and the delivery is half the cost of the compost before tax! So we gonna make a plan there…

It seems that I have currently run into roadblocks in a scenic area and therefore am taking it all in my stride.but winter is around the corner and soon I won’t be able to finish my wetland project in time. – another roadblock, seems when the guys placed the ball of tree roots into the pond the cracked the bottom ( they obviously said that they didn’t drop it in ) so the pond is losing water fast.
Guess I’ll be draining the rest and patching it up. Perfect opportunity to place some rocks and stones at the bottom – something we forgot to do in the beginning.

So each stumble is teaching me better foot placement…when it’s all done I promise to dance the funky chicken…

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No title, titled before. Can’t give damn


Wrote a lot of words, explaining things. Got some stuff off my chest.
App crashed and it’s all gone
Dnt hav the NRG

Games got my attention

Maybe tomorrow I’ll write more
For now
Fuckit it was all said so nicely – well honestly
It will now sound rehearsed – not too sure about sounding rehearsed, more like when you say something quite witty and no one hears what you said but heard u say something, heard the last few words

I dnt feel like repeating myself, not even to myself, especially.

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Day 10: sorry to offend but #%^! You!


This is the front of my messenger bag. It was originally my GF’s but I took it from her with the excuse that it was for her own safety…if a fatty was insulted by it they would just sit on her, playing on her small size.

In truth, most people find it quite funny and only once did someone come up to me and say that they were quite offended by it.
I was abit taken, i didnt know if she really was or just trying to see my reaction. So not knowing what to do i looked her dead in the eye, trying to rationalize the statement on my bag, I pointed out deadpan, that if she was a midget it would be much easier to be kidnapped as the would be kidnappers would easily chuck her in a car and be on their way…

Her friend beside her burst out laughing and she was not quite sure if I was taking the piss or being serious…actually I was, but that was the first thing that came to my head. She sat looking at me trying to decide, before her friends infectious laughter got to me I smiled and said “it’s true is it not” and rolled on the floor…

I firmly believe in making fun of oneself being taking the piss out of other people…only when you can laugh at yourself, your culture or beliefs, can you then appreciate the humor in other’s other.
People are people where ever you go, as long as its taken in the intent that was suggested.

Sometimes some individuals take it too far, but then it is hilarious for someone on the outside…

It’s all fun and games till someone loses an eye… Then it’s funkn hilarious!!

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Day 9: sh1t happens, best we can do is learn…

Got a call this morning


I just hope the damage to the other car is minimal…

Silver lining: now my sweet<3 understands and is willing to learn – by that I mean listen to me and pay attention. I'm not mad, just hope it doesn't burn a very big hole in my pocket…

Feel sorry for the other guy, apparently she said he just recently bought it.