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exciting times: my normal weekday

i came across this site (again, said a prayer for your father) and dl afew templates to print out. However i saw he created a template for an app called ghostwriter, which also worked with noteshelf. Thinking to myself that i could experiment with this using my ipad more.

Hence the pic below… I’ve bin researching a more productive system to organise my life as i can no longer keep forgeting shizzle.

so I’m slowly working my way towards the GTD system… /intro

makes me look quite busy hey

this is what i want my typical weekday (monday to Thursday – I claim fridays as being in limbo) to look like.

lemme break-it-down:

6am: wake up and try to keep up with “a thousand miles” – not the pop song! its performed by The Constructus Corporation the rapper is unfortunately more famously known as Ninja in Die Antwoord *more on that another time. 6:30am I plan to have a solid breakfast *working on that 6:45am vaseline the cheex and make my way slaving to the man

7:30 to 15:30 getting my hustle on, perfecting my patience and trying to clock the internet

15:30 i make a break for Freedom and make my way home via town to fetch the student/s and then miniMe. if the weathers nice and Im not starving i sometimes take her to the park or for a walk. we entering winter now so its most likely playing with her indoors or watching cartoons on the pc. We love Rugrats and she can finally watch with me Anime!

~6pm: then when the missus gets home its normally suppertime, clean the kithen and help bath the youngan

18:30 its all M.E. time. its now 12 hours of dealing with others’ bulshit lovingly or with contempt – my wife joins if im watching series…

8pm: check the weather and layout my clothes for tommorrow and maybe prefer breakfast *this is new and will be working towards…

20:50 is for my daily revision (gtd or previous study notes)

9pm: study for atleast an hour

10pm: its my 10 minutes of doing something interesting; draw, blog, exercise(?) *new too

then i either continue or go back to my studies.

at 11pm i will force myself to go to bed and whilst i wait for the zzZZzZzz i normally read a story…the only time i read non-fiction

when it begins to warm up, i will be getting progressively earlier up till i wake up naturally at 5:30…yip


*there’s still more to explain but I’ll come back to this again