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Fresh air smells funny :p

There are some obvious pros and cons to commuting by bicycle, but the freedom is best explained by this photo.

Had i been in a car i would of been like this: 2012-11-29 15.55.24

but that freedom is not always strawberries and cream…on this particular day, like today. the famous “Cape Doctor” was howling and me in my foldup sitting upright having no choice but taking it head on.

it’s refreshing, it’s tiring and sometimes abit scary, but i would rather brave the elements while i’m in a position to commute and enjoy the beauty that so many whizz past. How many drivers noticed this flock of sea gulls just chilling on the ground waiting out the strong wind. they only scattered when i moved in to take a closer shot. it was awesome admiring them hover watching the disturbance retreat.