: Aboot :

You know those awesome dreams that promise yourself you won’t forget till you write them down, and then whilst searching for any writing device you feel the details fading and start recounting the events in your dream…until you realize, it’s gone and your subconscious will only ever hint at it again in a way that only your subconscious can…

This was my way of searching for those dreams/lifes-truths in my mere ramblings…I have not written in several years and have recently started, but, I feel the world has jaded me abit.
Even though I knew my writings were not that good, well as good as I knew it would be if I put some effort in editing it.

So now, as I always do, I resort to the lazy way and rationalize why the way I’m currently doing it is better even though I should know better. But hey, sometimes I laugh out loud to the funny things i say in my head!

Once in a while I will prolly reread my previous posts, maybe one day share it.
Unlike most bloggers, this is a gem in the ruff. I’m not willing to expose myself yet, or ever.
So if you happen to chance upon this site, pls comment and give me your site/blog or favourite.

To be continued amended, or appended…


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