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Fresh air smells funny :p

There are some obvious pros and cons to commuting by bicycle, but the freedom is best explained by this photo.

Had i been in a car i would of been like this: 2012-11-29 15.55.24

but that freedom is not always strawberries and cream…on this particular day, like today. the famous “Cape Doctor” was howling and me in my foldup sitting upright having no choice but taking it head on.

it’s refreshing, it’s tiring and sometimes abit scary, but i would rather brave the elements while i’m in a position to commute and enjoy the beauty that so many whizz past. How many drivers noticed this flock of sea gulls just chilling on the ground waiting out the strong wind. they only scattered when i moved in to take a closer shot. it was awesome admiring them hover watching the disturbance retreat.

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Project365 week2: no clever title

I’ve begun cycling to work, a beautiful route, but unfortunately I’m too scared of it falling out and getting damaged so its safely in my backpack (bag sounded abit too feminine for some reason 😉 – need to do something about that, summer is here and outdoor photo ops will be in abundance.

i love you more
inspired by the streets lyric + boredom

8of365: I’m awfull at drawing

one of those days where everyone is just watching the clock and feeling restless. So i whipped out the Spen and this is what “happened”.

reminds me of  the last verse of this song –>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EntNNddAnw (have to relearn html code)

which goes:

I drew a drawing of you after last time I saw you
I never felt to draw a picture like that before
I learnt a lot about myself drawing all morning
It was absolutely shit, I’m awful at drawing

90’s kid’s kid

9of365: 90’s kid’s kid

I just love how 90’s the bag is! I was always a fun of elmo, on par with the cookie monster and the count. and now that Bert and Ernie are gone, i kinda miss them too. on local tv we’ve got our own spinoff: Takalane Sesame whose claim to fame is having the 1st HIV+ muppet. its a pity that its mostly not in english.

fighting the love in

10of365: fighting the love in

the title is a direct translation from an Afrikaans saying. heard my two loves play fighting in the bedroom and tried to capture the moment. and then got sucked into the battle leaving with only this single attempt. my better half digs it

magnetic accessory

11of365: troll magnets

many times i go in public only to realise that i still have something on me that miniMe has attached. typically its small hairclips or Dora the explorer stickers on my manly travelmug. today she found out the magnet could stick on my buckle…so i rocked it. a tiger is by no means a pussy the interesting part was me trying to take a pic without it looking … well…i opted for the mirror self pic (even did the duckface)

swiper noh swiping

12of365: So what was your favourite part?

the weather was schizophrenic so we couldn’t go to the fair, ended up playing with her new prezzie till i went to my cuz and watched the Ruggas. after the game an Englishman happened to pop by and the obligutary “your team Sucks” comenced. When his kid finally woke up the 2 rugrats  played like best buds…eventually crying not to leave home

no adults allowed

13of365: No supervision = maximum fun!

whilst all the adults were busy with the braai (others know it as BBQ), the kids had free reign. Man did they love it! since they all similar ages they got along well most of the time. Although each one did cry eventually (“he stepped on my toe!”, “She pushed me sore!”). but every now and then when I checked on them, I could see on their faces the fun they were having…



dedacted due to personal paranoia

14of365: My meditative route

I live about 7km from my work and this year decided ans saved for a folding bike (Giandt FD806). I cycled to the nearest train station, then took the train closest to work. Got a lot of looks and conversation from commuters. I would then cycle home at the end of the day. last week i decided to cycle to and from work. I take it easy to work allocating an hour, although it takes me 30mins to get home. was abit worried about my old war injury acting up but so  far no complaints 🙂 soon i will be able to witness the fitness!

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Project 365 – visual plus commentry

it bin awhile I know…but since my camera got stolen (and the fact that I kave bin real busy!) i’ve written a coupla posts but never posted.

its kinda boring reading a wall of text. i imagine ppl looking at it and thinking tl;dr…

but now i have a somewhat decent camera attached to a phone (see last post). i thought what would really push me would be the project 365; whereby i take @least one pic a day, and since that phone is always with me – i have no excuse. Combined with commentry to kinda explain why or whats happening, will atleast have a somewhat accurate account of pre and post phase shift (if you belive the mayans) or pre and post apacolypse (if you believe the hype). i feel im about to digress here…

i will be posting weekly summaries of the 6 or 7 pix taken. so here goes my first week (by the way loving my phone!)

miniMe meets the board

1of365:  miniMe meets the board

i have no idea why its this one. it was suppose to be her standing on the board perusing the contents on our dining room table. took 3 photos of her playing with the board. she actually managed to stand on the board whilst pushing it – unbelievable as she is still perfecting riding a scooter!


2of365: deckingception

this was taken with man with camera app, it takes lomo like shots. this one is with the “Diana” camera that takes multiple (only 2) exposures. what you looking at is the right and left area of my balcony (a work in progress, ok more like suspended untill further notice…and by notice i mean funds 😉


fuzzy eyebrows

3of365: springtime of youth

just before writing my last exam i saw a guy with this awesome drawing of Lee (if i even needed to tell you his name, let alone the series name…move along). So had a chat with him after our exam (guess the topic). when his lift arrived, turns out he’s the youngest brother of a friend from campus – small world hey…


4of365: say cheese!

i like this pic cos its not staged. i really dislike pictures where everyone gets ready, touching up their makeup and such. you end up with stock standard photos. this one was me playing with the features of the previously mentioned app. i just now noticed that everything around Amina (the baby) is exagerated in size – accidents are mostly beautiful…


5of365: To infinmty an be-bonnd!

mention Buzz light year and that is the next words out of both our mouths! as a reward for going potty, miniMe got Buzz’s gun and bobble Buzz (I’m so putting it on my dashboard!). the damn  gun shoots the foam discs crazy far, so in order to not spend the whole day looking for those dics i created a monster that we could battle. when she shot them all out she had to collect and count all 11 (one was lost after the first shooting). Talk aboot making learning fun 😉


the fields are alive with...

6of365: non-specific gender bug

I wonder what the PR name for ladybug is? aswell as daddy-longlegs.

I am the only one in the house MOST excited that we have ladybugs, the actual first pic i took of my chamomile plant had two ladybugs mating which is just awesome if your a budding organic gardner. just a pity that no-one feels my joy…aphids, your days are numbered!


7of365: not bashful, just tired

self-pic of me after arriving home hot and abit tired. I have a fold up bicycle; Giant FD806, that i used to cycle to the train station and then cycle back home. Today i cycled from home straight to work and back. was abit worried about my old war injury but i’m planning to make it a daily travel – killing multiple birds at once. The route is so lovely that once i witness-the-fitness i can take a longer route.

so that concludes my weekly update of project365. Looking forward to what moments i can document…

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Gotta brand new toy!

Working in IT, im surroundedby (Mostly) guys and their toys.

Ive grown tired of my current fone not because im into ‘newer is better’, rather I wanted something that will last.
Told my better half that Android fones seems to be the way and that the next fone I get will prolly lost me till its broken beyond repair…kinda how I wear my favourite clothing items till its relegated to housework duties.

I figure that the fones out now are faster than my pc in school, and with the ability to put a custom rom on it when it gets outdated will prolong its usefulness ever further. Besides, I dont really like talking on cellphones but enjoy all the other uses including having a camera on hand.

I was planning on getting the galaxy S3, untill the night I was gonna order it through by bank. When I saw that they were offering the galaxy note2 at R8 more per month!
I wanted the original note when it came out but is was too damn exspensive here (the same bank is offering the note1 at more than the S3!).
I was sold.
Took afew days to google specs and user reviews to confirm, but that just made me more excited.
I am never one to get the latest gadget as a) I normally cant afford it
b) I usually wait and gather intel (while waiting for the price drop)

I dont really conform to fashion though im acutely aware of the future trends.
Anyway for I now have my first droid phone, technically my first smartphone. With which I plan to use to the fullest.


Hence google and forums are your friends!

More on this later…

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exciting times: my normal weekday

i came across this site (again, said a prayer for your father) and dl afew templates to print out. However i saw he created a template for an app called ghostwriter, which also worked with noteshelf. Thinking to myself that i could experiment with this using my ipad more.

Hence the pic below… I’ve bin researching a more productive system to organise my life as i can no longer keep forgeting shizzle.

so I’m slowly working my way towards the GTD system… /intro

makes me look quite busy hey

this is what i want my typical weekday (monday to Thursday – I claim fridays as being in limbo) to look like.

lemme break-it-down:

6am: wake up and try to keep up with “a thousand miles” – not the pop song! its performed by The Constructus Corporation the rapper is unfortunately more famously known as Ninja in Die Antwoord *more on that another time. 6:30am I plan to have a solid breakfast *working on that 6:45am vaseline the cheex and make my way slaving to the man

7:30 to 15:30 getting my hustle on, perfecting my patience and trying to clock the internet

15:30 i make a break for Freedom and make my way home via town to fetch the student/s and then miniMe. if the weathers nice and Im not starving i sometimes take her to the park or for a walk. we entering winter now so its most likely playing with her indoors or watching cartoons on the pc. We love Rugrats and she can finally watch with me Anime!

~6pm: then when the missus gets home its normally suppertime, clean the kithen and help bath the youngan

18:30 its all M.E. time. its now 12 hours of dealing with others’ bulshit lovingly or with contempt – my wife joins if im watching series…

8pm: check the weather and layout my clothes for tommorrow and maybe prefer breakfast *this is new and will be working towards…

20:50 is for my daily revision (gtd or previous study notes)

9pm: study for atleast an hour

10pm: its my 10 minutes of doing something interesting; draw, blog, exercise(?) *new too

then i either continue or go back to my studies.

at 11pm i will force myself to go to bed and whilst i wait for the zzZZzZzz i normally read a story…the only time i read non-fiction

when it begins to warm up, i will be getting progressively earlier up till i wake up naturally at 5:30…yip


*there’s still more to explain but I’ll come back to this again

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Come out laaika Bawss!

When there’s a match at newlands the evening, from after lunch the traffic gets quite hectic from early afternoon.
So when I need to pull out the driveway, I was surprised to find the ghost squad ( undercover traffic cops ) had pulled over a traffic offender right in front off my driveway!
When they saw me open my gate, they were kind enough to move out of the way…

But pulling out was abit more difficult as the road was now very busy and there was a truck blocking me from the oncoming cars vision – not that they would of gave me a chance. Experience has shown that the only way to pull out on the road is forcefully but well timed ( always force my way when I see a newish car, as they Will definitely chicken out ).

So the traffic cops seeing this kindly stopped both lanes, then signaled me to pull out of my driveway like a Bawss! Wish I could of taken pics of the looks of astonishment on the faces of Stormers fans as they couldn’t believe that I was guided out of my driveway by traffic cops.

I just acted like it ain’t no thang, and gave a cool thanks to my homey the traffic cop. Took a second as to admire the situation, and as I drove down the road, gave a thanks to everyone who saw me pulled out…

All of this to the soundtrack which at that moment was Childish Gambino’s album cul-de-sac.

I’m not known for being cool, but there have bin afew moments where the stars align and the moment is thoroughly enjoid by myself. With my cool as a cucumber attitude those few strangers have prolly the most inaccurate but awesome opinion of me…

[ insert the most nerdy “I’m cool” pic of moi]

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The title…ironically

You know when u get into an epic movie and then the title comes up…
So that whole crazy larger than life moment was just an intro -awesome! Sounds typical of a Bond movie.
My intro for a movie is in ” up in smoke “, in that first five minutes u get the true summary of both characters – with out them saying a word, getting up and leaving home…
Brilliant credits placing as well…

I can’t remember where I got the idea to write about the picture I took, or to just meditate on a picture for that day…doesn’t matter I forget anyways.
Well anyways, the article said for 30 days and I thought well, it could only help me, seeing as it would force me to be somewhat creative…either I see something worth noting – try to somehow link up a pic with a thought I had that day.

Bringing me back to my intro…
I couldn’t write about day one being what it’s gonna be all about, so I just jumped write in.
I gave myself off weekends, then the 4 day long Easter weekend came along and I actually got sick the Tuesday. Leaving me to operate on reserve till today when I somewhat recovered.
I start my day by entering the hospital at the basement and proceed to the other end 5 floors up to ground level ( its located at the base of a mountain ). Only to enter the older part of the hospital and maintain my way to the top floor where my open plan office is. Yet the danger is in my office, where idiots with government contracts ( who get paid leave ) come to work sick, and doing no work ( shame his not feeling well ) knowing they are infectious proceed to piss off otherwise abit harder working individuals who can’t afford to get sick. If I get sick, I dnt get paid for that day + doctors and medicine cost!

Deep breathe…I digress…

So I couldn’t really post anything this week, and thought, I might as well state the goal of this project. Hence the Title…ironic as I don’t know if I should continue the day title or what?

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Draw some! Over level 9000

4 days ago I came across draw something app spoken about in a forum. Installed it and that same day a friend also installed it and we started playing.
Today we reach turn 99 thrice! Only because that’s the highest number. The creators obviously didn’t plan on us reaching 3 digit turns…

I actually got it cos it looks like fun and thought my wife would really like it. I kinda took over banning her from playing mine and Leilz game. Now that we’ve reached the upper limit, think I will give her more play time.

I really like apps that unleash creativity, I hope my wife n kid will growup loving and preferring these type of activity than brain numbing life spectatorship that is the BS of reality tv – that is so fake and so blazenly staged that I would prefer to watch the wrestling. No theres no airs about that show.

I love to hear about the latest development in WWE from grown-ass men that start off telling me that they know it’s fake but…with the greatest enthusiasm that I can see them as they were 10 years old…and that beats funkn jersey whore any day of the year, in fact I’ve seen pix of ten year olds emulating them and i find it deeply disturbing – I would rather have my daughter trying those stunts at home ( and have an excuse for such brain-damaged behavior ).

Like the rudimentals song : noh TV! What makes you ashamed of being African? Is it cos of the images on TV?


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Dancing the funky chicken…soon

Ok I’m over losing my last post…

Here’s an update on my keyhole garden


It’s bin going abit slow lately, found out that after the layer of palm leaves. The Gardner dumped branches of a thorny tree we have in front on top of the pile!
Luckily I had gloves and managed to get thru a few, but the thorns ( some 2cm big ) kept slowing my progress and eventually I had enough.
All I actually want is to get to my tree trunk chunks underneath, but that is a two man job whitch I cannot undertake solo. So that’s on hold ATM…

My uncles popped in and wanted me to find out the cost for and delivery of compost from and organic nursery that I buy from. Phoned them today and the delivery is half the cost of the compost before tax! So we gonna make a plan there…

It seems that I have currently run into roadblocks in a scenic area and therefore am taking it all in my stride.but winter is around the corner and soon I won’t be able to finish my wetland project in time. – another roadblock, seems when the guys placed the ball of tree roots into the pond the cracked the bottom ( they obviously said that they didn’t drop it in ) so the pond is losing water fast.
Guess I’ll be draining the rest and patching it up. Perfect opportunity to place some rocks and stones at the bottom – something we forgot to do in the beginning.

So each stumble is teaching me better foot placement…when it’s all done I promise to dance the funky chicken…

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No title, titled before. Can’t give damn


Wrote a lot of words, explaining things. Got some stuff off my chest.
App crashed and it’s all gone
Dnt hav the NRG

Games got my attention

Maybe tomorrow I’ll write more
For now
Fuckit it was all said so nicely – well honestly
It will now sound rehearsed – not too sure about sounding rehearsed, more like when you say something quite witty and no one hears what you said but heard u say something, heard the last few words

I dnt feel like repeating myself, not even to myself, especially.

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Day 10: sorry to offend but #%^! You!


This is the front of my messenger bag. It was originally my GF’s but I took it from her with the excuse that it was for her own safety…if a fatty was insulted by it they would just sit on her, playing on her small size.

In truth, most people find it quite funny and only once did someone come up to me and say that they were quite offended by it.
I was abit taken, i didnt know if she really was or just trying to see my reaction. So not knowing what to do i looked her dead in the eye, trying to rationalize the statement on my bag, I pointed out deadpan, that if she was a midget it would be much easier to be kidnapped as the would be kidnappers would easily chuck her in a car and be on their way…

Her friend beside her burst out laughing and she was not quite sure if I was taking the piss or being serious…actually I was, but that was the first thing that came to my head. She sat looking at me trying to decide, before her friends infectious laughter got to me I smiled and said “it’s true is it not” and rolled on the floor…

I firmly believe in making fun of oneself being taking the piss out of other people…only when you can laugh at yourself, your culture or beliefs, can you then appreciate the humor in other’s other.
People are people where ever you go, as long as its taken in the intent that was suggested.

Sometimes some individuals take it too far, but then it is hilarious for someone on the outside…

It’s all fun and games till someone loses an eye… Then it’s funkn hilarious!!

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Day 9: sh1t happens, best we can do is learn…

Got a call this morning


I just hope the damage to the other car is minimal…

Silver lining: now my sweet<3 understands and is willing to learn – by that I mean listen to me and pay attention. I'm not mad, just hope it doesn't burn a very big hole in my pocket…

Feel sorry for the other guy, apparently she said he just recently bought it.

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Day 8: sometimes your plans just get trampled

Today I came home and saw that a security light had bin installed, but he struggled to get wore through a tube we installed under the driveway paving. Only problem is that the one end is in the roses area…

But let’s rewind back a coupla years…

When we built a second story, the builders dumped the excess white sand on the roses area – not very healthy. The roses never really recovered, but didn’t die yet…
Both my parents love roses, these ones aren’t that great – however these are from my belated grandfathers house. So I guess it’s a keepsake for both my mom and gran when she stays over.
After my father passed, I took on the role of garden maintenance. My previous job being advisor and then manual laborer…
My plan to rehabilitate the land around the roses was; add in compost to better the soil and interplant groundcovers followed by mulching the exposed land. Following advice from a French gardener Emelia herzap (something like that) I instructed everyone to not walk on the ground of that area. I went as far as abit o landscaping laying out a path and attempting a swale.
I was quite religious in the no-compacting the soil doctrine, until the last 2 weeks…

A worker waiting on my mom thought he couldn’t be idle and started tidying the garden, tilling the soil around the roses upturning some groundcovers. The whole point of not compacting the soil is to give the organisms a chance to multiply and build up the soil from the “ground up” – tilling destroys all that ( non hardwork ) work.
So today after the whole tilling fiasco, followed by the painting of the house ( where trod ding could not be avoided ) and now the electrician trampling the whole one side – side closest to the front door ( in the pic closest to the bottom) I’m now abit upset, not much ce la vie et al ( that )…

I’m prolly more upset that this is prolly a parable of how what looks like nothing much is actually the in between phase of a before and after. Lots of planning and replanning after considering current limited resources, that was prolly the best albeit most patient thing I can do…so now I’m hoping atleast the one groundcover will survive as the other was just about to but it’s def a goner…

Either way, you have to breath out when hit or the more common slogan; roll with the punches…
You can’t really blame them as the flip side is that had they known they would prolly caused less damage ( by atleast not walking on the damned plant! ) but damage none the same, maybe I was over zealous in my no compaction commandment.

One the reasons why I’m so fascinated by nature and mans manipulation there of is in the sheer dynamic ism of nature and it’s ability to cope is as miraculous as the human body’s ability to cope and adapt to the abuse we inflict upon ourselves be it physical or psychological.

Sometimes your plans just get trampled, why bother taking foot imprints, either build a fence structure or adapt the plans to the flow of the foot traffic…I’m always gonna take the easiest but more effective and efficient plan of attack.
The surface may look calm, but the underground is already on fire!!


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Day 7: too tired

I’m totally exhausted, yet still manage to go to bed at 11:35. So gonna need to take a nap in the office later…anyway

Need to overturn the grass so I can move the soil in the pond to the back yard.
But now I’m damning my gardening skills…
The backyard I prolly gave most attention to with the least amount of effort.
The grass has become a literal carpet required me to buy a new special gardening shovel/spade to attack and separate the grass… And man o man doesn’t the soil beneath it look sweet!

Still need to chop up the banana esque leaves to put on top as well as the rabbit manure and tree trunk chunks.

It will prolly look a mess now and for quite some time, but after listening to my ultimate goal – one can’t help but get excited and abit skeptical. An IT guy using the gadgets and the www for farming?! Sustaina-what?

Gotta go, just saw the police are parked outside…


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Day 6: fire through the window and one of my rare moments

I guess the real reason I love flea markets is not about the bargains…maybe a little. But it’s not the bargain of ” oh yeah saved fifty bucks! “. It’s more like someone didn’t know that I was willing to pay double it’s initial value, but now they selling it just to get rid of it.

Story of my life I guess, imagine finding something you really wanted but gave up on getting as living at the tip of Africa and not running in those circles, chances are closer to keep dreaming…but you forget, and as you see the item all those memories and feelings come rushing back and you are willing to scrape together all you have just to get it. So while you trying to figure out you have, check the price and realize that even ye broke ass can purchase a little part of your past and happiness that only nostalgia + time can enhance….

…and there is no-one that you can fully enjoy that moment with you…so being the geek that I am reveal abit of my joy unphased by the ridicule/judgement…eventually I will lose it…either loaned to a friend or broken by others’ “it was just a cheap trinket anyway” actions. I forgive you – life happens and for a moment that was a physical manifestation of a moment hardcoded to my memory, which will eventually faded…

Or the flip side.

Found a triphop cd of tricky but looked further and in the R19 ( dump bin ) found the ‘fire through the window’ album! I knew my other half would super stoked in me finding that album.

You see a coupla years ago ( gosh, time does fly ) we went to zula lounge to support our friends playing in one their open mic nights. Their music was not really my cuppa tea, but I’ve bin going to their gigs since their punk days when it was hella fun – starting mosh pits even when their was just 5 supa amped people! Anyways, on that particular night their band was playing with…fire throu the window a Durban band that no one heard of yet…
And they rocked! There’s nothing like a girl and a guy singing love songs ( that they wrote ) to each other, it was quite infectious Ina pop-indie folk kinda way.

And here I stood with their album for 19 bux, paid immediately and ran to myslegten making her promise to only open the packet when we get home – I dnt have a cd player in the car.


Needless to say I was the romantic hero once again, one of my rare moments…

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Day 5.5: oh the irony of it all!!


Found these ( I think indigenous ) plant at a Great deal. Got it at a third of the price of one, but each pot contained 3 or 4 of these plants ( insert cool scoring baby meme ).
We have a similar plant but has a different flower. Took awhile for it to flower but when it did – it was well worth it. I need to transfer the pics I took from the camera…

The pics I post are all shopped, not only cos I really like the lofi lomo effects but also to hide the crappy camera of the pad. Guess I’m too lazy to transfer pics from the camera, but I really do prefer the point and shoot of lomography, pity I can’t afford it here, it doesn’t help that the scene is not big at all – in fact I know of one other person that has one & I dnt even see her often..

My only recourse is to get a phone with a decent camera and rely on
technology to fulfill my analogue desire – oh the irony of it all!!

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Day 3: flutterby sounds to me better than butterfly…


I found this flutterby lying in the driveway and thought it would be best to reposition it…
Maybe someone will find it and appreciate a close up. Or most prolly the wind will send it on his way…

In the last coupla months life has taken a drastic turn, and I’ve to my best ability course-corrected. Yesterday I found out that there’s more on its way.
I guess I will never be prepared for anything, but my strength is in my ability to adapt.

Actually the one thing I am preparing for is in the drastic increase in food! And no one believes me when I talk about the health concerns of what we put in our bodies, as if the last 100 years invalidates the thousands of years humans more natural consumption and interaction within nature.
Yip the more you know me, the more you see parts of you in me that is that geeky part of you that is kept hidden in a shoe box yet is acknowledged from time to time…

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Day 2: maybe not all lost in the ether…


I know that I’m not easily to love, I’ve always known that I’m someone that you can easily take a shine to – but at anytime get frustrated/irritated by.

I’m prolly most aware of my fault. but my biggest fault is not expecting too much from others, rather encouraging small habits that will greatly enhance their life – and the frustration when I realize they don’t really listen and blatantly lie about it, coupled with them complaining over something that I’ve bin giving them the solution for awhile…

The hardest truth that I’ve learnt ( and from an early age ) is that people hardly listen to each other, rather take turns speaking at each other…what I’ve always resisted was the acceptance that what I’ve said is lost in the ether.

With Ruby, I try to and will continue to expose her to varied stimulus. She might not latch on to many, but just letting her know that their is options. We might not be in a position to take them, but when the opportunity arises – that we atleast recognize it…

So the picture above is my girl playing with water that is dripping from a watered plant down to another plant. Hopefully she would one day see permaculture principles in daily living. Act with thought and purpose making your moves with greatest efficiency possible in that moment in time.
Knowing that in hindsight there might have bin better moves, and doing them from now on.

I love to see her doing her own thing even if it’s contrary to my wishes. To be in that moment. Mi guess its me that should try to understand her more…and maybe begin to understand others’ behavior. I am after all more of a watcher and listener. I find human nature fascinating, often times circumstances have jaded my thought processes, but once I am aware of it having happened I can counter-balance it.

Which is why it’s so hard for me to blog/write, but this 365 day project is pushing me to do it.
Maybe I’ll get that spark back and get into writing again.
Maybe next year start the 365 ramblin’ project…if only I can start with the word “aniquity”

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Day 1.5: musings of a work in progress

Growing up I always thought of the coolest things one could at home…
I always wondered why parents never thought it up as well. There we those who built tree houses and the few ( I guess “hippie”/strange ones ) who did things kinda how I wanted it to be.
I am now older and maybe wiser, definitely more worldly in my knowledge and I hope I can be more the parent I always wanted to be than what parents should be…

Ruby’s room was originally gonna be my study till she came along, so the she ended up with a multicolored room – one side the background to Mario bros! – which I’ve since decided to change to studio ghibli characters, a (green) blackboard and a magnetic blackboard.
Now that she’s able to write – well hold a writing instrument reasonably well, the creative fun can begin…

I may not be the best dad, and I might not be the best I can be can’t help but be who I am and always wanted to be, as a father and as a work-in-progress.

We all come with baggage and promises, hopefully I can teach her to pack light…


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ambitious garden exspansion phased

My current garden setup for veggies; referred to as experimental garden V1.2. Is nearing its life cycle, with about 2 more months of summer left. I have now designed what I think is prolly the best read easiest design with minimum effort.
But like all designs that are minimalist in there (comparable) effort, the hard work is in the design and setup.

I’m struggling to find the correct arrangement of plants for
a) companion vegs / flowers – within the keyhole garden
b) border plants – for keeping the grass at bay, at base of keyhole garden
c) self-seeding flowers for hard to reach area
d) “show off” flowers – to look nice and for my mom to select and (hopefully) take care of.

my knowledge is rather limited but the interweb and permi doccies have atleast given basics that further experimentation can take place, hence my first garden was based on partly the knowledge i have gained, and partly due to the application of resources available.

the new design requires alot more financial and effort involved, so i am currently breaking up the project into more manageable peices. so giving me time to manage individual parts which will eventually encompass the whole.

in order to lay the foundation for the keyhole gardens a and b, i need to move my daughters swing – which requires taking down the makeshift washing line, and then setting up a new arrangement.

the branches and leaves that would make up the bases would free up the space so that my rabbit cage can be built (the design Im still fine-tuning)

wormbeds built and started whilst keyhole beds being built up as close to 50cm as possible

border plants can be planted around the keyholes

and the flower beds prepared and maybe planted

keyholes can then be completed; topsoil and compost

cover crop grown on open soil

hardscaping done – paths and stepping stones placed

flowers selected and planted

eventual planting of veggies – the ultimate goal!

to be continued – im tired and sleepy

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if i am going to Japan, i might as well go when the sakuras are in full bloom

more and more ive bin trying to get my life more organised.
once i had a plan, but that had to change due to circumstances beyond my control. i chalked it up to bad luck, maybe the universe telling me it was not the way…

so i treaded a different path, one with no real signposts.
maybe i get lost now and then, but if you dont know where you going…any road will take you there…

since then, well more recently i have rediscovered some of my goals – and i am currently working towards them. being more knowledgable i found that the main difficulty is financing that dream.
or rather, it was one multiple that is vieing for my time and money. money being the key factor, one of the resources that is currently sufficient atm, but more is needed to achieve the more grander goals – ideals that think would help more than just me, hopefully i touch along the way.

so the best way to plan towards them, is to organise my life better.

enter curveballs, 1, 2, and three…

i strike out more times than not, but each time im learning.
i guess its best to wait and look around for the most opportune time. im gathering my resources; material and knowledge base – and that leads me to more finely tune the plan.

i need to start…

so i have begun writing my thoughts, dnt let small anoyances knock me of my path.
rather take a moment and find solutions, they often turn out to be very basic – all that requires is a shift in thought processes.

currently the only thing i really need now is a phone with a very good camera, so that i can better document and have fun with my experiments, and life. not a neccesity, but it would greatly enhance the latter. a camera seems abit obtrusive and too much effort is needed to transfer and attach it to my thoughts, but im gonna try.

i have always bin abit of a problem solver, seeking alternative means and perhaps coming into money has made me more dependant on it.
although having abit more would happily speed things along…

i have discovered that even having the means has not sped up my plans drastically, overall i tend to think long and deep about my next few steps…which reminds me to properly learn the game of chess.

people have always assumed that my lacking material gain, meant i was lazy or lacking drive…
rather it was not what i deemed important, later on in life i could put it in words. i do not seek the eternal pursuit of happiness, rather being content was my aim.

dont get me wrong laziness is a quality of mine, one that i deemed positive – for it forces my actions to be effective in multiple areas, and my results are one of personal acceptance.
i have many plans and the bumps in the road causes me to change my driving style…

but i assure you, i am the one driving, it s just that now, i believe i should also be the navigator. if all roads lead to Rome, then surely the one i create with all its detours and turn-arounds, not very popular but probably the most fulfilling to me.

so now i am noting the sights i want to see, and the ones i have to come back later for.
if i am going to Japan, i might as well go when the sakuras are in full bloom

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Resolutions and Planning

I’ve bin toying with the idea for months now, not actually toying…more like brewing at the back of my mind.
What better time than at the beginning of the year?

So, within this month, I’ve got to get my financial filing sorted. My digital filing of docs, movies and music.
Focus more on my health and that of my household
And get more organized in my thoughts and behavior…quite an undertaking, but one I’ve bin preparing for.

I’ve prolly written so many blogs in my head and opening this app, I see 3 attempts that prolly won’t get published at all.

I plan to have one outing per month that challenges or contrast our current lives.
Blog at least once a week ( not actually publish every week one) and hopefully get them creative juices flowing.
I’ve not created a filing system digitally, that I will now stick to. And in the process of creating a hipster PDA – sounds fancy but is the easiest of organizational tools.

My household project, besides the garden which is having mixed results, will be my first point of contact upstairs. More on that on my next post.

Kinda boring first post but in contrast this will be one eventfully year until either the dollar and euro collapses or the end of the Mayan calendar shift happens, cos then I plan on seeing many events that would hopefully help humanity grow in their humanism…

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Perfect weathers to do some gardening/landscaping…

Yip, that wasn’t a typo.
Even though the weather was ominous, I needed to replant the dwarf sunflowers as 4 in a pot was much too crowded.
Had a nice idea, planned out perfectly, just needed the time. So today I thought “hey, now time like the pleasant” and was on my way…had to go back to put on a sweater (as PJ’s can only do so much), then back to put on some boots – now you know it’s about to get serious…

Ten minutes in and the sun starts beaming down, take off my sweater and the next minute I feel a drop…nearly done overturning the grass, 5 more seconds…the next drop felt abit hard and then Boom! (well it was a coupla mini-booms!) as hail starts beating me into surrendering.

I retreat and reminisce about the last time I remember hail…got to about where I stayed and then it stopped, so I continued…on to phase two and then rain!
Had I believed in signs I guess I would of stopped, well I do because that hexagon one saved my life at least once, but i believe in challenges so… I continued persevered, (it sounds cooler)

Turned out I couldn’t separate the sunflowers (yet to be named) as their roots were intertwined.
So guess next week I will have to get more. hopefully the nursery still has, they are the only ones…

If this app works proper, I can post a pic of the end result. Just need to populate it abit more.
Will be considering names for the dwarf sunflowers (4), for now they are called ‘team Gordo-name subject to change’…
If you can get that connection, 50 points for you…


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New toy new promise

Hi guys

So this is my 1st post from my new toy using the WordPress app.
I wrote my previous few posts with the app from my phone, but it was abit of a challenge.
Hopefully it will be much easier now…

I’m still working out the features so this is a short, sort of an update post announcing more to follow…
One thing though, I’m way behind in my documenting my gardening escapades.
Hopefully after some prep work, will be going “public”
Need to first plan accordingly…

Hopefully I can spread some sm:)es and open up some minds and eyes.
Next post reveal some of my inspiration.
And planning

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one can sm:)e in sadness

For my work I have to “sweep”; go from user to user and try to solve problems that they have encountered. Most of the time its simple pc issues such as “I can’t print” or “I can’t login any more”which actually means: “I forgot my login password”.
Can be very frustrating, but every now and then you find ways to amuse yourself. Like now, waiting over 40min for IT guy to the find the keys so we can help him move a cabinet – which is not our job but Boss said help him. You know; scratch my back… I guess because its government there’s a lot of politricks…

Anyway, so since we in a hospital their are certain sections that require us to “suit up”, me and ezo suited up only to find that the wing is closed off. Having special shoe covering we went old skewl – taking a hevi run up and then seeing for how long and. How far we can slide. Goes without saying slipping and falling would be a fail.

I guess in this environment it can be challenging as have to go everywhere and assess the computers. We end up in places with people in dire situations. Did I mention its a children’s hospital?

But we all human and feed off each others positivity, and by us smiling and amusing ourselves (at no-one’s expense) we hopefully add something to the environment – or is that my rationalization?

Either way, I find it weird sterilising our hands and watching a few minutes of the world cup rugby amoung doctors and nurses in the ICU. maybe that’s why I’m currently enjoying 9 seasons of scrubs with my daughter (but that’s another post).

I for one cannot wallow in self pity and prefer a more proactive approach, besides I choose life. Which is prolly why I could go and enjoy myself with old friends at a wedding, and then come home to a house packed with family to pray for my belated father. Where I have to look to them like I’m mourning – it sounds wrong somehow, but even though I do miss him…
I used to be someone that was always in my head, at night I use to replay events in my head and cringe at the stupid things I said or done. I’m a lot less like that, life keeps me more busy and atleast the insomniac episodes have subsided, at least for now…
So try not to dwell on the past too much and if I do – try to focus on the positive moments. There was so much I wanted to learn from him, hell, I’m still learning so much from him posthumously…
One thing though that most people have picked up, my dad had reached a stage in life where he was genuinely happy. His life was cut short, but was not short lived and I can sm;)e as I would want memories of me to bring joy and happiness to people…

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if today was perfect…

So today was one of those days where it prolly best to just lay in bed till tomorow.

Woke and realised I had to leave immediately to make it to work. So no breakfast and got stuck in traffic 5 min from my house!
I get to work within the acceptable late window only to realise I forgot my wallet at home, and my fone in the car wher it will be in plain site in a quiet neighbourhood!
The one and only task for the day turned out I had to be some ministers bitch for the morning – eh, kept me busy. Come back to the office and meet some colleagues outside within the 2mins we standing ther Boss come along commenting on how we doing vokol work having a “pregnant fathers mother meeting”. The rest of the day I sat in the office with nothing to do except google random things – when my mind goes blank on the sites a want to see…
2min from home I realise I have no petrol in the car and had to take the long way home in order to pass a garage…
Finally at home before I can put my feet up kick back and relax before supper I notice my nosy neighbour checking the side of my car. So I go to pull in, as I no longer have errands – only to find some one had knocked my car!

The whole days Bullshit with none of the lil things that make me 🙂
Some music to and from work – the radio plays nothing but sh1t. Lunch, and learning something new…

But biGger picture I’ve got much bigger, serious issues than a hungry tummy and life’s lil frustrations…
The day did get me down, but a lil breathing and a more zen outlook is what I took from that day. So everytime I look at that ding by my drivers side it will remind me to breathe and remind me that karma is a bitch that neva forgets so I will at least forgive and realise that “it’s just a ride” – in the immortal words of Bill Hicks.

Besides I heard somewhere that: if today was perfect, there would be no need for tommorow…

So, bitch session finish. All that tension released, and now positive vibes from here on (hopefully). And don’t forget to breathe…

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New *mid* Years resolution

So it has bin awhile, and alot has happened…
Its the perfect opportunity to put those intangible thoughts in my head into, well, cyberspace? The same thought always crosses my mind, yeah its like putting ur phone number on a notice board for the whole world to see…but who even knows of this quaint place and more so – who evens cares??

So these random ramblings will be a form of graffiti doodlings that might liven up the beige wall and for some provide amusement or food for thought. I sense the insomnia returning and all the other excess chemicals are being slowly excreted… so lets see if the detox improves my worldly outlook or not.

one thing we live in interesting times and i have only recently begun to appreciate the mundane…

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tech will neva beat above the neck

No matter how adv our tech becomes by us as a species, u will never fully the experience the beauty of the light from the ember nor the feeling one exp from looking SO into the fire.
Our best “inventions” are pale imitations to that which already exists in nature.

I feel the best trick man can do is guide and take adv of what nature has to offer while staying in the boundaries of what is acceptable.
I blame the religious and non-religious.

If the religious “believed” they would know that everything exists for them to use. If the instructions we were taught were not exactly clear, we should all watch and learn of which was created by perfection in perfection.

For those that need strict observation and theorising based on proper Science (a celebration of his bday evry 25th by unkown celebrators). One would of expected them to hav realised long ago to work with not against. – I don’t see any ppl living at Chernobyl.

I digress, u might say hey maybe that’s a shitty spec camera on ur ph. True, but once this was the height of tech, once.

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tha REVolUtion is green and brown (for now)

Yip the revolution will only be massed produced for public consumption once it becomes economically viable. The real revolution begins in our own backyards…

Mine began quite optimistically with heirloom seeds sprouting only to be experienced by an inquisitive yearling.

more than just a book...

Did all the research, would of been planted at the perfect time according to the season and the moon – making it biodynamic (i wish) aswell. lesson1 sprouted my first seeds (check)

So back again after a well researched plan B. lets go for an early winter planting – skip seeds plant seedlings. Only to find my local organic nursery is out of both out of carrots and beans! So i chose swiss chard spinach and habanero peppers as well as marigolds (mixed) for pest-aside.

proposed positioning of said plants below:

wanted to add more but the (last-time-i-checked) stationary wasp has since disappeared, and am now fearing for my life…

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frEeDOM neXt tIMe !

Had a luvly day, but the moment that catches is it. I have caught one frame, but wot a worthy frame.
Does freedom feel like this?
“You might think you know MY hypothetical physical limits, but those are based on adults like you”
” I’m going to make a break for that lake – for that’s where I wanna B”

You might catch me now, and be surprised…but one day I’ll be the one surprised…

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Does this answer your ??

I work with alot of interesting people, of varying ages. So what one finds funny is not always shared by the rest. Anyways there’s this msg book that acts as the link between work shifts and is shared by 19 to over-fourties. Every now and then there’s this random messages, and i thought I’d share it.

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