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Gotta brand new toy!

Working in IT, im surroundedby (Mostly) guys and their toys.

Ive grown tired of my current fone not because im into ‘newer is better’, rather I wanted something that will last.
Told my better half that Android fones seems to be the way and that the next fone I get will prolly lost me till its broken beyond repair…kinda how I wear my favourite clothing items till its relegated to housework duties.

I figure that the fones out now are faster than my pc in school, and with the ability to put a custom rom on it when it gets outdated will prolong its usefulness ever further. Besides, I dont really like talking on cellphones but enjoy all the other uses including having a camera on hand.

I was planning on getting the galaxy S3, untill the night I was gonna order it through by bank. When I saw that they were offering the galaxy note2 at R8 more per month!
I wanted the original note when it came out but is was too damn exspensive here (the same bank is offering the note1 at more than the S3!).
I was sold.
Took afew days to google specs and user reviews to confirm, but that just made me more excited.
I am never one to get the latest gadget as a) I normally cant afford it
b) I usually wait and gather intel (while waiting for the price drop)

I dont really conform to fashion though im acutely aware of the future trends.
Anyway for I now have my first droid phone, technically my first smartphone. With which I plan to use to the fullest.


Hence google and forums are your friends!

More on this later…