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Fresh air smells funny :p

There are some obvious pros and cons to commuting by bicycle, but the freedom is best explained by this photo.

Had i been in a car i would of been like this: 2012-11-29 15.55.24

but that freedom is not always strawberries and cream…on this particular day, like today. the famous “Cape Doctor” was howling and me in my foldup sitting upright having no choice but taking it head on.

it’s refreshing, it’s tiring and sometimes abit scary, but i would rather brave the elements while i’m in a position to commute and enjoy the beauty that so many whizz past. How many drivers noticed this flock of sea gulls just chilling on the ground waiting out the strong wind. they only scattered when i moved in to take a closer shot. it was awesome admiring them hover watching the disturbance retreat.

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Project365 week2: no clever title

I’ve begun cycling to work, a beautiful route, but unfortunately I’m too scared of it falling out and getting damaged so its safely in my backpack (bag sounded abit too feminine for some reason 😉 – need to do something about that, summer is here and outdoor photo ops will be in abundance.

i love you more
inspired by the streets lyric + boredom

8of365: I’m awfull at drawing

one of those days where everyone is just watching the clock and feeling restless. So i whipped out the Spen and this is what “happened”.

reminds me of  the last verse of this song –> (have to relearn html code)

which goes:

I drew a drawing of you after last time I saw you
I never felt to draw a picture like that before
I learnt a lot about myself drawing all morning
It was absolutely shit, I’m awful at drawing

90’s kid’s kid

9of365: 90’s kid’s kid

I just love how 90’s the bag is! I was always a fun of elmo, on par with the cookie monster and the count. and now that Bert and Ernie are gone, i kinda miss them too. on local tv we’ve got our own spinoff: Takalane Sesame whose claim to fame is having the 1st HIV+ muppet. its a pity that its mostly not in english.

fighting the love in

10of365: fighting the love in

the title is a direct translation from an Afrikaans saying. heard my two loves play fighting in the bedroom and tried to capture the moment. and then got sucked into the battle leaving with only this single attempt. my better half digs it

magnetic accessory

11of365: troll magnets

many times i go in public only to realise that i still have something on me that miniMe has attached. typically its small hairclips or Dora the explorer stickers on my manly travelmug. today she found out the magnet could stick on my buckle…so i rocked it. a tiger is by no means a pussy the interesting part was me trying to take a pic without it looking … well…i opted for the mirror self pic (even did the duckface)

swiper noh swiping

12of365: So what was your favourite part?

the weather was schizophrenic so we couldn’t go to the fair, ended up playing with her new prezzie till i went to my cuz and watched the Ruggas. after the game an Englishman happened to pop by and the obligutary “your team Sucks” comenced. When his kid finally woke up the 2 rugrats  played like best buds…eventually crying not to leave home

no adults allowed

13of365: No supervision = maximum fun!

whilst all the adults were busy with the braai (others know it as BBQ), the kids had free reign. Man did they love it! since they all similar ages they got along well most of the time. Although each one did cry eventually (“he stepped on my toe!”, “She pushed me sore!”). but every now and then when I checked on them, I could see on their faces the fun they were having…



dedacted due to personal paranoia

14of365: My meditative route

I live about 7km from my work and this year decided ans saved for a folding bike (Giandt FD806). I cycled to the nearest train station, then took the train closest to work. Got a lot of looks and conversation from commuters. I would then cycle home at the end of the day. last week i decided to cycle to and from work. I take it easy to work allocating an hour, although it takes me 30mins to get home. was abit worried about my old war injury acting up but so  far no complaints 🙂 soon i will be able to witness the fitness!

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exciting times: my normal weekday

i came across this site (again, said a prayer for your father) and dl afew templates to print out. However i saw he created a template for an app called ghostwriter, which also worked with noteshelf. Thinking to myself that i could experiment with this using my ipad more.

Hence the pic below… I’ve bin researching a more productive system to organise my life as i can no longer keep forgeting shizzle.

so I’m slowly working my way towards the GTD system… /intro

makes me look quite busy hey

this is what i want my typical weekday (monday to Thursday – I claim fridays as being in limbo) to look like.

lemme break-it-down:

6am: wake up and try to keep up with “a thousand miles” – not the pop song! its performed by The Constructus Corporation the rapper is unfortunately more famously known as Ninja in Die Antwoord *more on that another time. 6:30am I plan to have a solid breakfast *working on that 6:45am vaseline the cheex and make my way slaving to the man

7:30 to 15:30 getting my hustle on, perfecting my patience and trying to clock the internet

15:30 i make a break for Freedom and make my way home via town to fetch the student/s and then miniMe. if the weathers nice and Im not starving i sometimes take her to the park or for a walk. we entering winter now so its most likely playing with her indoors or watching cartoons on the pc. We love Rugrats and she can finally watch with me Anime!

~6pm: then when the missus gets home its normally suppertime, clean the kithen and help bath the youngan

18:30 its all M.E. time. its now 12 hours of dealing with others’ bulshit lovingly or with contempt – my wife joins if im watching series…

8pm: check the weather and layout my clothes for tommorrow and maybe prefer breakfast *this is new and will be working towards…

20:50 is for my daily revision (gtd or previous study notes)

9pm: study for atleast an hour

10pm: its my 10 minutes of doing something interesting; draw, blog, exercise(?) *new too

then i either continue or go back to my studies.

at 11pm i will force myself to go to bed and whilst i wait for the zzZZzZzz i normally read a story…the only time i read non-fiction

when it begins to warm up, i will be getting progressively earlier up till i wake up naturally at 5:30…yip


*there’s still more to explain but I’ll come back to this again

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Resolutions and Planning

I’ve bin toying with the idea for months now, not actually toying…more like brewing at the back of my mind.
What better time than at the beginning of the year?

So, within this month, I’ve got to get my financial filing sorted. My digital filing of docs, movies and music.
Focus more on my health and that of my household
And get more organized in my thoughts and behavior…quite an undertaking, but one I’ve bin preparing for.

I’ve prolly written so many blogs in my head and opening this app, I see 3 attempts that prolly won’t get published at all.

I plan to have one outing per month that challenges or contrast our current lives.
Blog at least once a week ( not actually publish every week one) and hopefully get them creative juices flowing.
I’ve not created a filing system digitally, that I will now stick to. And in the process of creating a hipster PDA – sounds fancy but is the easiest of organizational tools.

My household project, besides the garden which is having mixed results, will be my first point of contact upstairs. More on that on my next post.

Kinda boring first post but in contrast this will be one eventfully year until either the dollar and euro collapses or the end of the Mayan calendar shift happens, cos then I plan on seeing many events that would hopefully help humanity grow in their humanism…

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New toy new promise

Hi guys

So this is my 1st post from my new toy using the WordPress app.
I wrote my previous few posts with the app from my phone, but it was abit of a challenge.
Hopefully it will be much easier now…

I’m still working out the features so this is a short, sort of an update post announcing more to follow…
One thing though, I’m way behind in my documenting my gardening escapades.
Hopefully after some prep work, will be going “public”
Need to first plan accordingly…

Hopefully I can spread some sm:)es and open up some minds and eyes.
Next post reveal some of my inspiration.
And planning